Add or Remove a User in your Dashboard

            To be able to add/remove a User in your Dashboard, follow the steps listed below:

            Add a New User

            STEP 1: In your Dashboard, go to “Settings” and then click on “Users

            STEP 2: Click on “Add New User”.

            STEP 3: Once you have clicked on Add New User, a card will appear on your screen. Fill in the Name, Email of the user & select a Role for him/her.

            There are 3 types of User Roles you can choose from:  

            1. Admin - He/She can perform all functions but cannot an add a User/Account in the Dashboard. Only the account owner can do that.

            2. Editor - He/She can only Create Slots and view its Reports.

            3. Analyst - He/She can only view the reports.

            STEP 4: Once you have filled in all the details, click on “Send Email”.

            Delete an Existing User

            STEP 1: In your Dashboard, go to “Settings” and click on “Users

            STEP 2: Select the “User” that you wish to Delete.

            STEP 3: User Details will appear on the same page. Click on “Delete User” to be able to delete that user. He/She would get an email regarding the same.  

            STEP 4: Confirm by clicking “Yes” and the user will be deleted.

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