Set up an Overlay Campaign

            In Overlay Campaign, you can leverage the third party’s website and can choose to display the Slot Machine on their website.

            In order to set up an “Overlay Campaign”, follow the steps listed below:

            STEP 1: In your Dashboard, click on “Create New”.

            STEP 2: Click on “Overlay Campaigns”.

            STEP 3: Under the New Smart Overlay Campaign, fill in your “Campaign Name”.

            NOTE: The campaign name is for your internal reference only. It will not reflect anywhere on the website.

            STEP 4: In the “Underlay Page URL” section, mention the the URL on which the slot campaign will be displayed.


            NOTE: Some URLs can not be opened in an iframe. Please use an iframe checker to check whether the Underlay Page URL you are entering can be opened in an iframe or not.

            STEP 5: You have the option to fill the ‘Meta Title’, ‘Meta Description’ or upload the ‘Meta Image’ in case you want to share the Overlay Page URL on social media.

            NOTE: The above mentioned fields are purely optional.

            STEP 6: In the ‘Choose Campaign’ section, you can choose a particular Wheel Campaign (that you have created), that you wish to run as the overlay campaign.

            NOTE: You cannot create a new campaign for Overlay Campaign, you can only choose from the existing wheel campaigns that you have created.

            STEP 7: In the ‘Choose Domain’ section, you have the option to choose from either your own “WhiteLabel Domain” or “Keep Domain”. The option to choose WhiteLabel Domain may vary as per your plan.

            NOTE: You can only choose a WhiteLabel Domain if you have already added you Whitelabel domain in the Dashboard under the Settings module.

            STEP 8: In ‘Custom Link’ section, you have the option to create a custom link by adding the Brand Name and Slug.

            NOTE: Adding a Slug is purely optional. In case you’ve not added any slug, we will automatically generate a random slug & will assign to your custom link.

            STEP 9 In the next section, you can enter Remarketing Pixel which is a pixel that is embedded on your lander - this pixel is a small, invisible piece of code that tells Ad Exchange to save visitors' cookies after which you can re-target them whenever you want.

            STEP 10Once you have filled in all the details, please don’t forget to click on ‘Save’ in order to save the overlay campaign.

            STEP 11Once you have clicked on the Save button, your campaign will be created and you’ll be able to see your “Overlay Campaign URL”. This is the URL where your campaign will be displayed.

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