Sync Leads with SegMateApp

            In order to Integrate with SegmateApp, follow the steps listed below:

            STEP 1: In your Dashboard, go to Integrations then “Click” on others.

            STEP 2: Then in SegMateApp section switch the toggle to the right hand side.

            STEP 3: Login into your Segmate Account and go to "Subscriber Tools" > "Checkbox".

            STEP 4: Click on "Create Checkbox" and fill the name of your checkbox and your domain name. Please note that Segmate Checkbox will only work on HTTPS secured website due to Facebook Security Guidelines.

            STEP 5: Click on the "Code" button.

            STEP 6: Copy the "Header Script" Code and "HTML Script" Code.

            STEP 7: Now in the “Advanced Settings” while creating a Campaign you can enable SegMateApp by switching the toggle to the right hand side and paste the copied codes in the "Segmate Code" text area as shown in screenshot below. Please make sure that you place "Header Script" first and then the "HTML Script".

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