Understanding Campaign Management

            This guide will give you a quick tour of managing your own campaigns. To do so, please follow the steps below :

            STEP 1: In your LetSlot.io Dashboard, go to “Campaigns”, select “Slot Campaigns” to be able to see all your campaigns.

            STEP 2: Under each campaign,  there are various categories that can help you dig deeper and manage your campaign. Some of the categories are :

            1. The first three icons represent the following :

            • Total number of Unique Views of the campaign.

            • Total number of Emails Captured through that campaign.

            • Average Conversion Rate of the campaign.

                b. Edit - This category enables you to easily make changes in your existing campaigns.

                 c. Report - This category enables you dig deeper and analyse your campaign thoroughly. To learn more, click here.

                d. Clone - This category enables you to copy an entire campaign with a single click.

                e. Archive - In case you wish to delete a campaign, this category enables you to ‘Archive’ the campaign completely.

                f. Unarchive - In case you wish to get back the archived campaign in your Slot Campaigns Library, you can simply click on ‘Show Archived’ under the Campaigns Head. By doing so, you’ll be able to see all your archived campaigns.

                       Click on
            “Unarchive” in order to put back the campaign in your Slot Campaigns.

            Click on “Show Campaigns” under the Archived Campaigns Head in order to go back to the Slot Campaigns.

                g. Pause - In case you wish to deactivate any of your campaign, you can ‘Pause’ it by sliding the toggle switch on the left hand side.

            And you’re DONE !

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