Understanding Leads Module

            This guide will give you a quick tour of the Leads Module in the LetSlot.io Dashboard.

            Under the Leads Module, you can access all the leads captured from various Slot Campaigns.

            Under the Leads Module, there are various categories that are quite helpful for anyone to understand. Refer below to quickly understand all the categories :

            1. In your LetSlot.io Dashboard, go to ‘Leads’ to be able to access all the captured leads.

                b. Under the ‘Leads’ category, you’ll find the ‘CSV’ button. You have the option to download all the captured leads that you’ve generated so far by clicking on that CSV button.

                 c. Right below the ‘CSV’ button, you’ll be able to see all the leads that you’ve generated so far.

                d. Whenever you’ll click on any email id,  a “User Card” will appear on your screen which will give you all the details of that particular lead. It will show you the Name and Email Id of that lead. It will also tell you when was the email captured & from which campaign it was captured.

            Technical Support
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            Updated: 10 Jun 2018 10:51 PM
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